Double Entendre by Dina El-Sioufi

Drawing references from numerous sources, Dina El-Sioufi's works are an act of painting; a form of writing involving different, using various elements like fragments of poetry, texts, images of artists’ work and their portraits, re-imagined in paintings that recreate an imagined scenario and her desire to bestow a unique narrative.


Painterly interpretations of literature are constant in Dina's works. For example, Double Entendre, 2019, is based on photographs of Anna Akhmatova in her home in Russia with faces from Dina’s imagination.

Her artistic influences nuance Modigliani, Brassai, and Giacometti, while her works express yearning, searching, loss, melancholy, repetitiveness of time and its passage. Ultimately, her homages to the greats of poetry, painting ad music are what grabs the viewers' attention, allowing them to be transported to her imagination, the possibility of an alternate reality.

Born in Alexandria, El-Sioufi grew up and studied in the UK. After a BSc in Physics and Post-Graduate Diploma in Mathematical Physics at Kings College-London University, she turned to history of art studies in the 90’s. While working, she successfully completed MA in Modern French studies at Birkbeck-London University in 2000.

She then obtained her PhD degree from UCL-London University in 2006. Dina then returned to painting, attending courses at Royal Drawing School, Heatherleys and France. Dina’s work is mainly figurative; she exhibited her work in several countries since 2013.