Understanding the intricacies of infrastructure, reading blueprints, venting, heating and cooling systems, are just part of the skills of a Master Plumber, but when you couple all that knowledge with the act of creating art you meet a true original, Pietro Palamara.

His pieces are conversation worthy, speaking of man’s struggle, between balancing progress and environmental integrity. A 3D wall art sculpture, Hephaestus’ Stream, is awe-inspiring with its welding of 3750 individual copper solder flowers, while whimsical stories of pixies emerge in another creative piece.

A self-taught sculptor, Pietro is a Canadian-Italian artist who has been creating for decades. “As a teenager, my family always urged me to pursue art, but I was more interested in focusing on building my career and my own family,” says Pietro.

Working in the private homes and businesses of the wealthiest Canadians, constantly surrounded by fine art and artistry, his passion for creating art resumed and little did he realize that his career helped him in conceiving and producing remarkable and original sculptures.

Exposed to museum worthy art and masterpieces, various genres, mediums, textures and shapes helped inform some of his pieces.

“At times I would have long conversions with my clients about their art. Being surrounded by so many masterpieces in various mediums, (sculptures, paintings, photography) was very educational. I am fortunate to experience such priceless discussions and inspiration, perhaps even more than you might get studying in a classroom.”

Working with his hands and tools helped train Pietro in sculpting. His pieces are interactive, inviting the viewer to touch, feel and experience what he is portraying. Each piece has a story and a meaning.

“I try to push my limits in creating these highly original pieces using noble materials like wood, alongside metals and other inventive materials to create original pieces.”

Pietro maintains a studio in Montreal. His sculptures can be found in private collections in Canada and around the world.