Exclusive to KIKI STERLING GALLERY, the FACES Collection, by the Spanish/Armenian artist, brings joy to the viewer as they find the various "faces" resting in each painting.

"I am fascinated by the color, cubism and variety found in abstraction. One can spend a lifetime and never come close to capturing the beauty of colors and forms. I feel blessed to have the time to look so deeply into the life around me and hope to share that feeling with you through my paintings," says Arman.

How many faces can you find?

"Every time I pick up a brush I find it impossibly challenging and incredibly exciting. It’s a life of discovery and exploration. In my work I bring my own style to different currents I love: cubism, abstract, modernism. While each of my works is a separate and distinctive piece, the common thread that binds them is strong emotions, with a hint of provocation, a bit of humor and a lots of optimism which I hope to share with the viewer through my paintings. Most of my works are inspired by the Spanish culture with a mix of Armenian colors."