LUIZ CAMPOY / A Sculptor in his own right


There are those who think that Science and Art are isolated worlds, without connection. An artist’s stereotype has a profile averse to accuracy and numbers. On the other hand, the preconceived notion of being dedicated to science is that of someone immersed in finite calculations.

But, it's a wonderful feeling when we meet someone who speaks both languages fluently.

Luiz Campoy is just that person.  A civil engineer by profession, his knowledge about the exactitude and strength of materials along with fluid mechanics give him the ability to design shapes and structures. And art, which began as a hobby gave him new elements of expression to channel what he always knew: how to capture and showcase everyday life around him.

His creativity transforms junk yard pieces worn and forgotten, to be recreated with a new meaning and fulfilling the purpose of curiosity and awakening in a series of striking sculptures

His scientific side speaks to a neo-Lavoisier sensibility, demonstrating that nothing is ever lost, nothing is created but, everything is transformed. By combining the exact sciences with his artistic side, Luiz Campoy is a new Renaissance artist, who like Leonardo da Vinci, offers us this wonderful synthesis of Art and Science.

Luiz Campoy, a Brazilian artist, civil engineer and entrepreneur extends his artistic message from Sao Caetano to the world through exhibits, most recently at Paris’ famed Carrousel du Louvre.