From colouring books to sketch books, this artist has been submerged in the world of creativity since her birth on January 7th, 1995.

At the young age of 14, she found herself studying at the prestigious Fabriano Academy of Art in Lebanon. She would later go on to major in Fine Arts at the Lebanese University, where with a group of painters, she created a mural dedicated to the autistic children of Lebanon that was later given as a donation to the municipality.

The skills that she has acquired over the years, have allowed her to be diverse in an array of methods. She enjoys working with pastels, watercolour, oil and can even carve on glass and wood.

Her newfound passion, however, has been one line art creations that focus on the beauty and elegance of the female body. She is fascinated by how each line or stroke of her brush, portrays women and their emotions and thus, this inspired her new collection.

Each piece tells a story about the women on the canvas and the struggles they are going through. The artist wants to leave viewers in amazement, she wants to help them see art in a new way, filled with fascination, emotions, and wonder. 

Artist Statement: “Nothing in life is stable, and everything is possible. We are moving entities with water flowing within us and so my art must be like water flowing within. ”