Following his highly successful exhibition at the EASTLINK Gallery in Shanghai, the KIKI STERLING GALLERY is thrilled to welcome Montreal-based artist, Auclair Langlois to its international family of artists.

Globally acclaimed, Auclair-Langlois is a celebrated artist whose creations feature expressive, larger than life, abstract paintings.

Using a variety of palette knives, he creates a mass of broad strokes, wide swaths of color, paired with thick layers of paint, Auclair-Langlois constructs dramatic, romantic, joyful and sparkling creations that not only create a transcendent environment but, also invite the audience to enter his imagination.

“I create outer and inner landscapes, as if I would sculpt them out of rocks or mist.  I mainly use spatulas with flowing passion and my sole instincts as my guide. My movements are impulsive, unplanned and free," says artist Michel Auclair-Langlois.

As a painter, he attended workshops with the highly-respected, Grand Master painter Frère Jérome. This experience intensified his desire to live as an artist and over the course of his career Auclair-Langlois completed more than 2000 works of art for a variety of collectors, auctions and galleries.

Auclair Langlois is a Québec-born artist. He has a Bachelor's degree in Psycho-Sociology as well as a Major in cinema. Most of his life has been dedicated to exploring different forms of creativity and expression including: painting,  photography and stained-glass. 

 In addition, he was highlighted in French Canadian art critic *Guy Robert's book "Le Pluralise dans l'art au Québec".

After meeting Auclair and evaluating his work, Mr Robert wrote: "The artist has a direct link with the REFUS GLOBAL (a movement whose artists included Paul-Émile Borduas and Jean-Paul Riopelle ) and it’s aesthetics, not only in his conception of art, but also in his style. A stimulating atmosphere without technical constraints or ideological intervention."

Though well-known as an abstract art painter, Auclair has recently been crafting semi-figurative canvases inspired by his many trips to Portugal. His art, replete with rich colors and strong spatula strokes entrances the viewer with it's expressiveness, dynamism and at times a stained-glass-like transparency.