Artist statement:

"I am fascinated by the color, cubism and variety found in abstraction. One can spend a lifetime and never come close to capturing the beauty of colors and forms. I feel blessed to have the time to look so deeply into the life around me and hope to share that feeling with you through my paintings."

His name is Aramais Alaverdyan, but friends and family call him ARMAN. Born in 1976 in Yerevan, Armenia, this emerging artist discovered his love of painting when his grandmother gave him a book about the history of the Armenian church.
"Reading this richly illustrated book, I found myself immersed not only in a historical and spiritual narrative, but fascinated by the images and drawings. I was enchanted with the visual elements -  figures and shapes, forms and colors, shadows and contrasts. I had the ability to draw well and during my teen years I spent my days drawing, sketching, studying the classic masters, not knowing that painting would be my ultimate calling."
Due to social and economic instability during the 90's, Arman realized that art would not be a “realistic occupation." He studied business, marketing and attended law school and pursued a professional career in law and later in corporate marketing. During this time, he attended art classes. Self-taught, he attributes the great masters of the past as his most valuable teachers, the cultural heritage and artistic tradition of Armenia as the biggest influence and the vibrant creative environment of Yerevan as his classroom.
By the age of 30 his works were noticed by the artistic community and he was invited to participate in several exhibitions, he also designed work for pottery masters and furniture companies. In 2018 Arman moved Marbella, Spain -- a turning point in his artistic life.
"I knew I had to find my own individual style, I was searching for ways of  translating intangible images and emotions into visible stories and sensations that could be shared with others and so my work evolved into abstraction.  I felt that I was beginning to know my own unique voice."
"Every time I pick up a brush I  find it impossibly challenging and incredibly exciting. It’s a life of discovery and exploration. In my work I bring my own style to different currents I love: cubism, abstract, modernism. While each of my works is a separate and distinctive piece, the common thread that binds them is strong emotions, with a hint of provocation, a bit of humor and a lots of optimism which I hope to share with the viewer through my paintings. Most of my works are inspired by the Spanish culture with a mix of Armenian colors."