​“My personal approach to image-making is the rendering of an incessant quest about duality through a dance of the female. Light  and structure are the  inspiration behind my photographs.

Art fuels my passion. Poetry is my visual language. While fashion has always been my ally in branding time and mood, I find myself in the process of creating art, to be guided through dreams and the unspoken connection with the observed ..."

International Fine Art and Fashion Photographer, Arline Malakian is passionate about creating distinctive images that convey inner beauty celebrated in female sensibility.

Malakian says her photographs are about transcendence and the power to make connections.

Her art is a question defying limitations of time; her vision of beauty and design, an invitation to explore beyond the temporal veneer of the observed.

Arline's ideology stretches in poetry and mastery of photographic technique to encompass the deepest sense of integrity at every level.


With a background in the arts and graphic design, Arline entered the world of fashion photography in 1987. Since then she has lived and worked throughout Europe including France, Germany and Austria contributing to fashion magazines, advertising agencies and designers as photographer and artistic director. Currently she is based in Toronto, which she calls home. 

A true image-maker, her immersion and passion for all aspects of fashion and her perspective on female models- as fragile beauties exuding inner strength- mark her vision. Her ability to convey a mood through lighting, evocative captures and mastery of technique is what has distinguished Malakian's work.

Very early on, her distinctive artistic approach to her commercial and editorial work was recognized in the French Photo Magazine (Dec. 2002).

She is a storyteller with an intuitive grasp of style, fashion, design and visual expression, as well as her inquisitive mind and affinity to people, which naturally fuel her creative direction.


As an artist, Arline's work explores a theme that is questioning the ephemeral "now"; subsequently the blurred surreal line of reality and connection; the fleeting moment's lasting impressions.  Her artistic ambition inspired her to participate and create numerous exhibitions including Goddesses (photography exhibit, Art Gallery of Ontario, 1999), Non Vital (photography exhibit, Paris, 2001), Undying Spirit (a two year plus photographic chronicle in Armenia exhibited in Yerevan, Armenia, 2004), "The Gaze" (a painterly photographic series of 24 tableaux 2007 Toronto); "Impressions" (exhibiting a series of 16 deconstructed and stylized photographs; Toronto 2012/13) and "Les Dames De Jeux"  (abstracted portraiture 2014).


A frequent lecturer on Art and Photography, Arline is currently a professor at the Toronto's Seneca college, teaching  creativity and mentoring in the Photography department.


Co-author of the book Be A Woman (2008), Arline also published an art book on the series THE GAZE in 2010 based on the art created in 2007, crowning her 20-year career in photography.


A few of Arline's publications and TV specials include: Sweet Guillautine (self-published booklet with European distribution, 1999); Behind the Lens, a documentary on photographers and their philosophies (Bravo! 2002); Beauty Quest, a documentary sponsored by Dove where she was the host and photographer for pilot program on W Network with global distribution (2005); and an interview with the photographer about the work, her passions and contributions to society in Panorama (2006).