Pauline Thibodeau Paquin is a Quebec artist born in St.Monique, (Mirabel).

Self-taught, Pauline Paquin is a figurative naïve painter with an acute sense of observation, an eye for detail and sporting an explosive color palette that underlines joyful whimsy. 

A trained nurse, Pauline T.Paquin always showed a keen interest for oil painting. In the 1970s her scenes were directly out of an idealized vision of childhood. She  rapidly found an audience within all strata of society and helped usher the popularization of art in Quebec. By 1979, she became a professional, full-time artist.

Her paintings, often adorned with collages and the faceless characters that inhabit them are present in galleries and collections throughout Canada and beyond.  Many products derived from her work are also omnipresent throughout the whole country.  In 1996, Canada Post recognized her talent and issued the $0,52 stamp (for US destinations) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of UNICEF.