What makes sculpture so interesting?

Whether sculpted out of stone, wood, cast from metal or pieced together, the single quality of art as sculpture is that it occupies three dimensions.

OVERWHELMED By Pietro Palamara

The creativity of an artist is informed by the originality and composition of his design. OVERWHELMED  is inspired by the artist's take on obligations and responsibilities.

TORTUOSA By Luiz Campoy

Techniques like assemblage and construction allows artists to fold, bend, weld and bolt various materials into concepts, creating sculpture from a variety of new and found objects.

MAN's BURDEN By Pietro Palamara

Our curated works are new and original. The artists each have a unique treatment and viewpoint, making their works of art highly original. Man's Burden is inspired by the struggle between industrialization and nature.


A question mark serves many purposes and Luiz Campoy's seemingly simple sculpture is a joyful reminder that not all questions need to be answered.

Our sculptures are suitable for home interiors and spaces, allowing our clients to anchor their space with sleek and textural designs. 

Whenever you're ready, we're here to assist you in aquiring your sculptural art. Let us know and one of our art consultants will help you find the perfect artwork all while respecting your space and budget. And we'll make all of the necessary shipping and free (local), delivery arrangments.

Also, if you have some great ideas, our artists can bring them to life with commissioned artwork. We have amazing artists with studios in Toronto, Montreal, Spain, the USA and Brazil.

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