La Mer / The Sea - By Eric Deshaies

La Mer / The Sea - By Eric Deshaies

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LA MER \ THE SEA is a colourful painting created by Eric Deshaies in early 2021.  
The artist used a palette of blue and tangerine colours with a touch of white and hints of silver and grey all of which are highlighted with black lines and dark brown details.

This vertical painting is divided horizontally by the sea line.  In the center bottom we can observe a mother talking with her child.  There are many silhouettes hidden around them.  Above them, we discover a stunning sky with flashy amber light going through the air. We can see splats of glossy blue & white dropped on the  big orange shapes in the sky.  Beneath sea level, a pale blue whale is smiling, hidden in the abstract tones of the water. There are large rocks, shapes of boats and shadows of man-made things at the base of the painting.

"La Mère" (mother), La Mer the sea , depicts the huge heart of a mother who will give all her love to her children.  The immense sky represents just how much she loves her  family. This piece is meant to be a window of happy childhood memories; going to the beach with the family and spending the day swimming, playing and collecting shells. We had a good time, going to the sunny beach with family.

Title: La Mer / The Sea
Artist: Eric Deshaies
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 36 " x 72 "  x   3/4"
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The La Mer / The Sea - By Eric Deshaies is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.