VIOLONIST - By Natty Pacheco

VIOLONIST - By Natty Pacheco

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Artist Natty Pacheco has connected the lyrical passion with the majesty of expressive beauty. Her painting asks you to imagine walking into a concert hall where this beautiful musician is gently playing the violin.

Her eyes are closed as she lets the music take her away. Bold, brooding, and beautiful, the melody soars, bridging the gap between a romantic soul and a contemporary yearning.

Poetic, dreamy and a crystal clear vigor, THE VIOLINIST is simply magical.


Bonus: Framed and ready to hang, FREE SHIPPING in North America

Artist: Natty Pacheco

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 20" x 16" ( 30" x 26" framed)

Certificate of authenticity signed by the artist



The VIOLONIST - By Natty Pacheco is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

Inventory Last Updated: Sep 22, 2020